Banking System Upgrade

Remaining unresolved issues

I am unable to transfer funds between my ucublu account and my regular accounts through Internet banking.

This is a very high priority for us. We apologize that it has taken so long, however we assure you that we are putting all the available resouces into fixing this problem. In the meantime, you can make transfers at your local branch, by calling the Call Centre or by using U-Touch Telephone Banking.

UPDATED DEC. 16: I have a business (or organizational) account and I can’t see my e-statement.

We have a solution for this issue. However this involves changing the login ID and thus we ask that you call the Call Centre to assist you through this process.


UPDATED NOV. 5: I can’t see images of cheques that I have written when I log into my Internet account.

All cheques cleared since October 16, 2015 are now visible on your account. Those cleared prior to October 16, 2015 will not be visible on the system.