Please keep an eye on this page as we will be improving the donation process to expedite smaller donations as well as put in new rules for larger donations.

Ukrainian Credit Union Limited is committed to being a leader in community investment. UCU donates to over 100 various charities and organizations through responsible giving each year.

Ukrainian Credit Union Limited has recently instituted a new donations policy. This policy outlines the process, application criteria and informational requirements, funding decision considerations and internal reporting requirements for sponsorship and donations. Its purpose is to ensure that funding decisions are consistent with UCU’s vision, that disbursements are spent on legitimate purposes and consistent with the original request; funding amounts are appropriate for the request and fall within UCU’s financial affordability.

Please take the time to read the policy (available for download at the link below) before applying for funding:


UCU Sponsorship & Donation Policy


Please note that for funding requests exceeding $1,000, your request must adhere to our submission deadlines. Please use the chart below as a guideline:


 If you require funds by:  Submit your request no later than:
 January 1  November 1
 April 1  February 1
 July 1  May 1
 October 1  August 1


To apply for a sponsorship or donation right click to download the PDF, fill out the application and email completed application to:

Yuriy Diakunchak


Right Click to "Save file as"

Major Sponsorship & Donation Application - for requests over $1,000


Right Click to "Save file as"

Simplified Sponsorship & Donation Application - for requests up to $1,000


Right Click to "Save file as"

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Contact Information

For any questions, please contact Yuriy Diakunchak or 416.763.5575 x208.


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