Increased Authentication

New security feature! - Please set up your account by June 30

We have added a new security feature to our online banking service called “Increased Authentication”. Increased Authentication adds new security features to help ensure that you, and only you, can access your account online.

PLEASE NOTE: Increased Authentication is not an optional feature. You will have until June 30, 2011 to activitate Increased Authentication on your account. There will be a short grace period after this date, lasting until July 25. If you don't activate this feature by the end of the grace period, your account will become locked-out and you will need to contact us in order to have it re-activated.

When you log in to UCU Online Banking, you’ll be brought to a separate login page and asked to set up your account with Increased Authentication before proceeding.

You won’t be able to sign in to UCU Online Banking without Increased Authentication set up, so follow these steps to set them up now.

What is Increased Authentication?

Increased Authentication is meant to better protect the privacy and security of your personal information by helping to prevent phishing scams.

Increased authentication provides a Two-Factor Two-Way Authentication solution. Two-factor because it authenticates each member based on username/password and the specific computers they use to log-in, thus assuring UCU that a legitimate member is seeking access. Two-way because it authenticates the site to the customer with an image chosen by the member thus assuring the member that they are at the real banking website.

When you log in to UCU Online Banking, you’ll be asked to set up Increased Authentication before proceeding with your login. Don’t worry, this will only take a few minutes. We promise.

How does it work?

You’ll pick an image and phrase that you'll recognize when you log in.
You’ll pick from a list of security questions and provide answers that are unique to you.
We’ll confirm your selections and will explain how the new features help to further protect your personal information.

Next time you log in from your registered computer, you will see your image and phrase. If you don't, you'll know it's not a legitimate UCU Online Banking site, and you should not proceed with your login.

You’ll also pick from a list of security questions and provide answers that are unique to you. That way, if you log in from a computer that isn't registered, we'll ask one of the questions so we know it's really you.

How do I set it up?

Setting up Increased Authentication is easy. You'll be guided through the set up process when you log in to UCU Online Banking. Want to know more? Find out about setting up the added security features.

More questions?

Check out our Increased Authentication FAQ. You can also call our Call Centre at 416.922.4407 or 1.800.461.0777


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