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Ukraine Sovereignty Bonds

You can now buy Canadian government bonds that will directly support Ukraine.

The Government of Canada announced it will issue a Ukraine Sovereignty Bond - a five-year, $500 million bond sold in denominations of $100.

The funds will support the Government of Ukraine to continue to operate in the face of Russia's illegal invasion, including by providing essential services to Ukrainians, such as pensions, purchasing fuel before winter, and restoring energy infrastructure.

How the Ukraine Sovereignty Bond will work

Canadians who participate in the Ukraine Sovereignty Bond will, in effect, be purchasing a regular five-year Government of Canada bond at roughly the current 3.3 percent rate of return, subject to the market conditions at the time of issuance.

The bond will pay interest twice per year, on February 24 and August 24, until the bond matures in 2027.

How to purchase a Ukraine Sovereignty Bond

UCU Members, who wish to purchase Ukraine Sovereignty Bonds, must have a brokerage account. UCU Wealth Strategies Group has a relationship with Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. and can direct you to an investment advisor who will help set up your bond purchase.

Please email or call 416-763-5575 x150 for more information.

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