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How ucublu tootm Works

The ucublu too No-Fee Daily Account is designed to offer you FREE Interac Direct Payment point of sale purchases, chequing, UCU ATM transactions, bill payments and pre-authorized deposits and debits, while paying you competitive tiered interest rates on your deposit balances. In-branch counter transactions are not available for ucublu too.

To qualify for ucublu too, you need to have direct deposit of your regular payroll or monthly pension coming into at least one of your accounts with UCU*. 

Because your funds must come into UCU electronically, and because ucublu too can only be accessed through automated channels like secure internet connection, U-Touch automated phone service, Interac debit, chequing or an ATM, and not at branch counters which are more expensive to staff and maintain, we pass on the cost savings to you  - NO FEE transactions and TIERED INTEREST.

  • ucublu too is automatically connected to your ucublu™ High Interest Virtual Savings Account, as well as your regular full service UCU personal account
  • you can also choose to connect ucublu too to an account at any other Canadian financial institution to facilitate automatic savings through a direct deposit
  • ucublu too provides you with a convenient way to deposit part or all of your payroll or pension to UCU
  • ucublu too statements are available on-line 24x7 and printed statement is mailed to you annually at year-end (January)
  • you have the option of receiving a mailed printed statement every month for a reasonable fee
  • you can sign up for ucublu too on-line or by visiting a UCU Branch
  • UCU Call Centre support and balance inquiries for ucublu too are always free.**
  • Overdraft Protection is avaliable to be connected to your ucublu too No-Fee Daily Account

*Payroll(s)/CPP & OAS in their entirety. Applies to each joint account owner. Does not apply to full-time students.

** Kindly note that actual transfers to and from ucublu too performed by the Call Centre, as in the case of such transfers to and from full service UCU accounts, are subject to service charges.