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Slawko Borys on Class A Shares

When you buy UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares you are investing in yourself, the Ukrainian Credit Union and the greater Ukrainian community

Slawko Borys, Chair of UCU Board of Directors, splits his time between a demanding career in the Canadian aviation industry and his many leadership roles in organizations within the Ukrainian community.

As the Director of Safety, Security and Regulatory Affairs for Air Canada Rouge, he has the important task of safeguarding the highest standard of passenger safety for all travellers on the airline.

In his down time, Slawko is an active member of the Ukrainian community. In addition to his role as Chair of the UCU Board of Directors, he is a member of the Executive of the Ukrainian National Federation – Toronto Branch.

When Slawko turned his attention towards reassessing his own personal financial goals, he identified the need to diversify his investment portfolio as a key objective. He came to the conclusion that UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares provide a solid investment opportunity exclusively for UCU members like him, and Slawko sees the many benefits of adding these shares to his portfolio.

Slawko Borys, on why he is buying UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares

Our credit union prides itself on our motto, Building Community, and an investment in the 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares is an investment in the Ukrainian Credit Union Limited and the Ukrainian community. Helping to build a strong, community-oriented financial institution ensures that our credit union continues to innovate and grow, and that our community has a strong financial partner in all that it does.

Long Term Investment

UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares offers investors like me, an exciting investment opportunity which could pay a higher rate of return than a 5-year term deposit. Buying the UCU Class ‘A’ shares may support my financial goals of preserving my long-term capital investment and maintaining a steady income flow .* I could also hold these shares in an RRSP or TFSA and obtain the usual tax advantages of those investments.

Share in UCU’s Financial Success

UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares are offered exclusively to our members for the purpose of adding to UCU’s Regulatory Capital in order to provide for future growth, development and stability of our credit union. This gives UCU members a unique opportunity to invest directly in our credit union and share in its financial success.

More information about UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares can be found on the Class A Share page and on the Class A Share FAQ.

To purchase UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Series Shares contact your local branch.


* Dividends are not guaranteed, and are entirely at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Credit Union. Past payment of dividends in no way indicates the likelihood or rate of future dividend payments. Annualized dividend rate, declared and paid on a quarterly basis.

† This is not an offering statement. Class A Investment Shares are only available by offering statement. Any purchaser of the Class A Investment Shares is required to obtain and review an offering statement before purchasing the shares. To obtain an offering statement, contact your local branch.