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UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares – Long Term Investment to help build a Better Credit Union †

UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares are offered exclusively to UCU Members for the purpose of adding to its Regulatory Capital to provide for the future growth, development, and stability of the Credit Union. This gives UCU members a unique opportunity to invest directly in their Credit Union and share in its financial success.

Diane Comtois - a financial services specialist - is buying UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares

Diane Comtois has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years and is currently on a Credit Risk, Liquidity Optimization and Data Exploration Secondment for the Ukrainian Credit Union. She is responsible for the management of UCU’s approximately $820 million loan portfolio and sits on UCU’s Asset/Liability Committee where she monitors the financial performance of the Credit Union. Diane also works with the Corporate Management Group to prepare budgets, oversee enterprise risk management and help develop new products.   

Diane has a solid understanding of UCU’s financial operations and she is buying UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares based on the strength and stability of the Ukrainian Credit Union. 

A Conversation with UCU Credit Manager Diane Comtois about UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares

Why did you choose to buy UCU Class ‘A’ Shares? 

I am a very cautious investor and I believe that UCU Class ‘A’ Shares offer a low-risk qualified investment option for my RRSP account based on the historically competitive rates of return on UCU issued GICs and Term Deposits. Also, the UCU Board of Directors will strive to set the Class ‘A’ Shares dividend rate at 1% above UCU’s 5-year Term Deposit rate, making it a potentially more profitable investment.*

As an Employee and Member of UCU, I understand and believe in the Credit Union’s mission and I am proud of the value UCU provides its Members. Buying the 75th Anniversary Shares will help us build a better UCU because the capital raised from the sale of the Class ‘A’ Shares will be used for the future growth and stability of our Credit Union.

Are there risks to buying UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares?

During my 26 years at UCU, I have worked alongside a dedicated Management Team that has grown our Credit Union to the strong financial institution it is today. UCU is a secure and profitable financial institution with a proven track record of paying dividends while steadily growing the Credit Union.

UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares, like all other investment vehicles, do carry some risk. Unlike GICs, or Term Deposits, the annual dividends are not guaranteed and these Investment Shares are not insured under FSRA.

Based on the financial strength of UCU, I believe the investment risk of these Shares is low. Ten years ago I invested in UCU 65th Anniversary Series Shares and I am pleased with both the Shares’ performance and the steady rate of return on my investment.

How will the capital from the sale of UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares benefit UCU? 

UCU plans to build a stronger Credit Union to better serve our Members’ financial needs.

The capital raised from the sale of the 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares will add to UCU’s Regulatory Capital to provide for the future growth, development, and stability of the Credit Union.

The Management Team plans to invest the capital in qualified personnel and technology needed to increase UCU’s profitability and sustain the overall growth strategies and competiveness of our Credit Union in a digital environment.

More information about UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares can be found on the Class A Share page and on the Class A Share FAQ.

To purchase UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Series Shares contact your local branch.


* Dividends are not guaranteed, and are entirely at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Credit Union. Past payment of dividends in no way indicates the likelihood or rate of future dividend payments. Annualized dividend rate, declared and paid on a quarterly basis. Investment shares are not deposit insured.

† This is not an offering statement. Class A Investment Shares are only available by offering statement. Any purchaser of the Class A Investment Shares is required to obtain and review an offering statement before purchasing the shares. To obtain an offering statement, contact your local branch.