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Interview with:

Peter Schturyn on Class A Shares

Peter Schturyn - Long Time UCU Member - is Buying UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares

Peter Schturyn is a financial services specialist with over 30 years of experience in both the financial and not-for-profit sectors.

Peter is currently the National Dealer Credit Manager for Toyota Finance and is responsible for managing the Toyota Lexus national wholesale and mortgage portfolio.

Peter’s financial management skills extend beyond his professional capacity to his many leadership roles in organizations within the Ukrainian Canadian community. Peter is Vice President of Finance for the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto Branch, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Toronto Ukrainian Foundation, and President of the Ukrainian World Foundation.

Peter Schturyn on why he is buying UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares:

Diversified Investment Portfolio

I am an investor who takes a balanced approach to managing my investment portfolio and I look for investment opportunities that will bring me the best possible rates of return.

UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares currently offers a 4% return, which is higher than any GIC on the market today.

I do know these Shares are not GICs, therefore the dividends from the Shares are not guaranteed, but based on the past solid performance and management of the Ukrainian Credit Union, I am confident that UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares will be a good investment for me.

Ten years ago, I invested in UCU 65th Anniversary Series Shares and I am pleased with both the Shares’ performance and with the steady rate of return on my investment.

UCU will Build a Better Credit Union

I have been a Member of UCU for over 15 years and I have a great deal of confidence in the Management Team and the decisions they have made to improve the operations of the Credit Union.

My purchase of UCU75th Anniversary Shares will help the Management Team build an even better and stronger Credit Union. This will not only benefit me as an investor, but benefit all the UCU Members as well.

Support the Ukrainian Canadian Community

The support of the Ukrainian Canadian community is very important to me. For many years, I have been an active member in different Ukrainian Canadian organizations.

I appreciate UCU’s commitment to being a leader in community investment and for supporting more than 100 charities and organizations each year.

UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares - Long Term Investment Option to help UCU Members reach their financial goals †

UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares offer UCU Members an exclusive investment opportunity that could pay a higher rate of return than a 5-year Term Deposit.

Whether you are a first time investor, or a seasoned stockholder, UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares could preserve your long-term capital investment while providing you with a steady stream of interest income.*

UCU Members have the investment option of holding the 75th Anniversary Shares in an RRSP or TFSA and obtain the usual tax advantages associated with those investments.

Investors may also transfer their current Term Deposits into the Investment Shares with no added costs or fees and potentially earn an ever higher rate of return.

Share in UCU’s Financial Success

UCU 75th Anniversary Class ‘A’ Shares are offered to UCU members for the purpose of adding to its Regulatory Capital to provide for the future growth, development and stability of the Credit Union.

This gives UCU members a unique opportunity to invest directly in their Credit Union and share in its financial success.

More information about UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Shares can be found on the UCU website.

To purchase UCU 75th Anniversary Series Class ‘A’ Series Shares contact your local branch.


* Dividends are not guaranteed, and are entirely at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Credit Union. Past payment of dividends in no way indicates the likelihood or rate of future dividend payments. Annualized dividend rate, declared and paid on a quarterly basis.
† This is not an offering statement. Class A Investment Shares are only available by offering statement. Any purchaser of the Class A Investment Shares is required to obtain and review an offering statement before purchasing the shares. To obtain an offering statement, contact your local branch.