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ucublutm Overdraft Protection FAQ

1. How can I protect my credit with Overdraft Protection?

Apply on-line for an Overdraft limit of up to $5,000 for those times when you are short and avoid costly and embarrassing returned debits and cheques. A rule of thumb is that your regular payroll deposit should be sufficient to bring your Overdraft balance to zero.

2 .What will happen if I overdraw my ucublu too account with a pre-authorized debit or by cheque?

The item will be returned for insufficient funds and you will be charged the customary NSF fee of UCU.

3. Will I be telephoned/e-mailed to come in and deposit money or to transfer from another account at UCU?

No. That is why it is advisable that you apply for Overdraft Protection

4. How do I avoid NSF and other related fees?

Apply for Overdraft Protection to back up your ucublu too No Fee Daily Account