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High interest savings!

Are you saving for that new car, vacation, home renovation, next semester’s tuition, or just interested in watching your dollars grow? ucublu is made for those of our members who are interested in earning a high interest rate on their money, but don’t want to lock it up in a term deposit.

  • Your ucublu High-Interest Virtual Savings account pays one of the best rates among similar virtual savings accounts. The rate of interest paid on your ucublu high interest savings account is calculated on your daily closing balance, and paid on the last day of every month. View our current rates.
  • ucublu can only be accessed virtually by secure Internet connection or by phone our U-Touch phone banking service, therefore we pass on the cost savings to you in the form of premium interest.
  • We also offer the ucublu too™ No Fee Daily Chequing account with free transactions and tiered interest. Read more about ucublu too here.