Cash Management Services

All UCU Small Business members will be offered our cash management services available through Central1's Payment Stream AFT* Service for Credit Union Corporate Members.  Payment Stream AFT is a web-based user interface which allows members to originate one time or recurring electronic payments for distribution to any financial institution in Canada.

ucubiz Cash Management Services include:

  • Payroll
  • Fee/accounts receivable collection
  • Payments for Service
  • Payments to suppliers


  • Information is available 24 hours a day to authorized users
  • Very user friendly, intuitive system
  • Includes reporting and processing notifications
  • Only equipment required is a computer with an internet connection!
  • Settlement is made on the due date entered
  • Available in multiple due date frequencies
  • Information can be added by individual data entry or file upload
  • Conforms to the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) Standard 005 file format


  • Flexible Cost Effective (reduce cost of time associated with cheque production, delivery and reconciliation)
  • Improved security (reduces the risk of lost, stolen or forged cheques)
  • Control (allows companies to designate their own authorized users so access is restricted)

*Central1 Payment Stream AFT administration set-up and ongoing user fees will apply. If UCU set-up assistance is required, a one-time fee of $150 will apply.