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New and improved version of UCU Mobile App now available!

We've improved our UCU Mobile App features

Download our app for free today!

What's new in this version?

  • Landscape view for tablets!
  • Improved account activity filters and searching
  • Log in with your fingerprint! (IOS only for now)
  • Various bug fixes

Other updated features include:

  • Recurring bill payments
  • Manage alerts
  • Contextual help
  • Push notifications
  • Redesigned find branch/ATM with integrated map

Recurring Bill payment

  • Users can now setup recurring bill payments from within the app
  • If enabled on desktop, Recurring Bill Payments are accessed through Pay Bills. Users can make a recurring bill payment with the option of entering a date and end date. Payment frequency options (days, months, year) will match desktop configuration. Be sure to verify that the option for recurring bill payments matches with desktop online banking.

Manage Alerts

  • Users can now setup and manage alerts from within the mobile app.
  • Users can view their alerts history for past 30 days
  • Manage Alerts tab: A screen that lists all Alerts (active, inactive or incomplete) is shown.
  • First time set up will require acceptance of an agreement. Accepting agreement takes user to Add Contact (email or phone) screen. More than one Contact can be added, based on client's desktop configuration. Contacts can be enabled, disables, or deleted.
  • Manage Account Nicknames allows user to rename accounts only for alert purposes
  • Alerts can be received by email, SMS or push notification.

Contextual Help

  • Contextual help can be accessed through certain feature screens (Account, Pay Bills, eTransfers, Transfers, Deposit, Settings, and Alerts, if enabled). General help can be accessed through home page.
  • User can access Help through the hamburger menu within a feature. Contextual help will provide a listing of frequently asked questions regarding the particular feature. Additional buttons will appear in the Contextual Help screen: Privacy, Security, Contact Us, Find Us.

Push Notifications

  • To turn on Push Notifications, upon first login, user will need to accept a pop-up stating that the app would like to send push notifications. Following that, push notifications will need to be set up within Alerts, Settings, and then Notifications.
  • Alerts can be triggered by email, phone, or Push Notifications.

Find Branch & ATM

  • Find Branch/ATM (Find Us) is accessible from the home screen and hamburger menu, as well as through the Help screen.
  • Clicking on the Find Us icon will show branch and ATM location results based on the user's current location.
  • Users can search for a particular branch to be shown on the map by entering details in the search field.
  • Clicking on an ATM or branch on the map will show the location information at the bottom of the screen.
  • View List will show a list of locations, sorted by closest location.

For more information, visit the UCU Mobile APP FAQ.

ding free ATM Locator App

Say goodbye to ATM surcharge fees

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of another financial institution’s ATM, just waiting to get dinged by a surcharge fee for accessing our cash. One dollar, two dollars, three dollars…the surcharges vary, but the frustration of getting “dinged” remains the same. That is, unless you belong to a credit union.

With access to a national network of ding free® ATMs from BC to Newfoundland, Canadian credit union members can keep more of their money where it belongs; paying no surcharge fees at thousands of credit union and other participating ATMs across Canada. It’s a network of ATMs that’s bigger than most banks and it’s all ding free.

Where can I download the app?

Download it here or from your iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry device.

What’s a ding free® ATM anyway?

A ding free ATM doesn’t charge you for the convenience of using it. And regardless of where you are or the credit union you happen to belong to, chances are there’s a ding free ATM near you.

How can I find one?

To find the nearest ding free ATM, download our new ding free locator app.

Available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, our new ding free locator app makes it easy to find surcharge-free ATMs on the go. Look for the ding free decal on participating ATMs:  

ATM Locator App

NEW! if you have a smartphone, locating a UCU ATM is now easier than ever. This app also lets you search for more than 2,300 other ATM locations where you can use your UCU Member Card without being charged any fees!

THE EXCHANGE® ATM Locator app is now available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. The apps are free! More info about the app and THE EXCHANGE® Network here: 

or go directly to the app at:

Other potentially useful apps

Please note, Ukrainian Credit Union does not endorse the applications listed below, nor makes any warranties about their content, functionality or utility. This is simply a list of apps that you may find useful. We welcome any suggestions for additional apps that may be relevant to our members. 

iPhone apps

Speak easy Ukrainian With 620 spoken and phonetically written words and expressions, this phrasebook is designed to do exactly what the name says – make speaking Ukrainian easy for you.

English Ukrainian talking Dictionary

A talking bidirectional dictionary that features advanced functionality and up to 1,000,000 entries.

Ukraine News

A one stop source of news about Ukraine directly to your iPod touch/iPhone. With a vast collection of News from various sources, live twitter updates about Ukraine, and high quality blogs. Stay up-to-date about Ukrainian issues and news, no matter where you are.  

Blackberry apps

Financial Terms

The application is useful for those introducing themselves to the world of Finance and are keen to understand the fundamentals. The application will be the best guide for the beginners to understand key definitions and quick reference for most frequently used terms and ratios with easy navigation. The definitions have been provided in Part-I and in Part-II, the ratios are arranged according to five broad categories i.e.

Financial Calculator

Contains 77 Financial Calculators including FV,PV,PMT, BEY and many more. Each calculator has a help menu selection which contains the formula used and a description of what it is used for.

Mortgage, savings and investment calculator

Calculator designed for BlackBerry Playbook which provides the following calculations:

  • Compound Saving
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Investment gain/loss

English Ukrainian Dictionary

English Ukrainian Dictionary (romanisation) – displaying a list of matching searching to or from either language. Copying a word from the translated list for a reverse translation can be used to find synonyms and to understand the broader use of the words without the need for definitions or examples. The Flashcard learning game helps build vocabulary. Flip between languages and choose to play against essential words or the Advanced reference pairs. Ideal for business people, travellers or students.

Ukrainian Flag

This theme has beautiful high definition Ukrainian flag images.