Class A Shares

UCU Special Class “A” Shares† 

The final day to purchase UCU 75th Anniversary Special Class A Shares is June 30,2020!

Please note that as of June 30, 2020, you will no longer be able to purchase UCU 75th Anniversary Class A Shares directly from Ukrainian Credit Union Limited. Howerer, you will still be able to purchase Class A shares of any existing series from fellow members if and when those shares come up for sale.

Investment shares are another form of capital a credit union can utilize. Membership shares, retained earnings and Class A Shares from four  issue series (So-Use 1999 Series, 65th Anniversary Series, 2010 Series) are the types of capital UCU has on its balance sheet. For members, it is another type of investment offered by the credit union. Dividends on Class a Shares are declared by the Board and paid quarterly.* 

Read more on the Class A Share FAQ page.

To inquire about Class A Shares, please call:

Marika Dmytriak
Special Accounts Officer
416-762-6961 x126


* Dividends are not guaranteed, and are entirely at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Credit Union. Past payment of dividends in no way indicates the likelihood or rate of future dividend payments. Annualized dividend rate, declared and paid on a quarterly basis. Investment shares are not deposit insured.

† This is not an o­ffering statement. Class A Investment Shares are only available by o­ffering statement. Any purchaser of the Class A Investment Shares is required to obtain and review an off­ering statement before purchasing the shares. To obtain an off­ering statement, contact Marika Dmytriak, (fax) 416-762-9404 x126, toll free: 1-800-461-0777 x126.