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Debit Cards

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Debit cards provide easy access to your money and a secure way to make in-store purchases. UCU offers a regular debit card and an enhanced debit card.

Use your regular or enhanced debit card at:


  • Withdraw cash surcharge-free at UCU and Exchange Network ATMs (service charge added to out-of-network ATM transactions)
  • Deposit cash or cheques, change PIN and review account balances at UCU and Exchange Network ATMs
  • Withdraw cash outside of Canada at ATMs on the Cirrus, Plus, Accel or Maestro Networks


  • Make in-store purchases with the contactless tap-and-pay feature
  • For larger purchases, you may need to insert your card and enter your PIN
  • Make in-store purchases in the United States at stores on the Accel Network

Add your debit card to the UCU mobile wallet app on your smartphone or tablet to make secure in-store, online or in-app purchases using your device.

For those who shop online or need worldwide access to their funds, the Enhanced debit card is what you need to:

  • Make secure online purchases on retailer websites or apps wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted
  • Make recurring payments for utility or subscription services wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted
  • Withdraw cash at international ATM’s on the Mastercard Network
Daily Limits

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit


Daily Point of Sale (POS) Limit


Total Contactless Spend Limit


Per Transaction Contactless Limit


Once the total spend limit is reached, you will be required to enter your PIN and this limit is reset


Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If your Debit Card has been lost or stolen:

  • During business hours, call our Contact Centre at 800.461.0777 to report your lost or stolen card
  • After hours, call our 24-hour Hotline at 888.277.1043 to cancel your card
  • Use Lock ‘N’ Block on UCU’s Online Banking or Mobile app to lock your card and prevent fraudulent withdrawals