Foreign Exchange Services

Why exchange your currencies with UCU

UCU has launched a new Foreign Exchange service that allows you to buy and sell over 80 different foreign currencies in-branch or via phone. You can also have the currency delivered right to your door!

Need US dollars, Ukrainian Hryvnias, Euros, Poland Zloty, Yen or even Mexican Pesos? We got them all. United Kingdom Pound Sterling and Morocco Dirhams, Switzerland Francs and Cayman Island Dollars, and many others. And at competitive prices too.

Simplify your daily routine or business processes with UCU Foreign Exchange and Home Delivery services

  1. Ideal for members who frequently travel outside of Canada
  2. Convenient currency delivery directly to your branch or door step or office (for small business clients only)
  3. Receive competitive exchange rates
  4. Foreign exchange drafts (money order) available 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please visit your nearest UCU branch and talk to your Branch Staff or contact the UCU Call Center.

Everything you need to know about foreign exchange services:

  • Foreign Exchange Services