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Bundle and Save on your Home and Auto Insurance

We’ve teamed up with CUMIS, our loyal insurance partner, to bring you exclusive savings – up to 55% - when you bundle your home and auto coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

You’ll enjoy all the protection you expect from your insurance.

Home Insurance

  • Home Claims Forgiveness means that your first home claim has no impact on your policy or premiums.
  • Disappearing Deductible reduces your home deductible by $100 each year, until it disappears.
  • Claims Free Rate when you are claims-free for three years.
  • Identity Theft Protection for expenses you incur to recover your identity – with no deductible, no impact to your claims-free discount and no additional costs.
  • Legal Assistance Helpline where lawyers provide free, on-demand guidance around Canadian legal matters.

Auto Insurance

  • Accident Forgiveness excuses your first at-fault accident to protect your driving record and to keep your premium low.
  • Claims Free Rate when you are claims-free for three years.
  • Additional bundling options offering more savings and more coverage, including rental-vehicle liability and emergency roadside assistance.

Exclusive Savings

Take advantage of our preferred member rates, quality coverage and the straightforward claims process you deserve.

Call 1-800-810-2847 to speak with a Licensed Insurance Representative. Or visit to get your QuickQuote in as little as 30 seconds.