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UCU ATMs, ITMs and Surcharge-Free Exchange Network

ATM transfers on savings, chequing and daily interest accounts can be made using your Debit Card and your pin:

  • make deposits
  • withdraw cash
  • make payments towards your Line-of-Credit
  • print out balances 
  • daily cash withdrawal limits apply 
  • deposits are held until the next business day for verification
  • UCU ATMs are accessible 24 hours a day
  • UCU ITMs are accessible during Contact Centre hours

Please note that members can withdraw money from their UCU accounts using the machines of other financial institutions who are members of the INTERAC network.

Debit Cards are great for convenience, although they can accumulate service charges if you are not careful. These service charges will appear as one lump sum on your monthly statement under “service package.” The service package includes all Debit Card usage fees incurred during the month.

Some tips to reduce service charges:

  • Use a UCU ATM or an ATM on THE EXCHANGE® Network*.  Use the Find Branch or ATM tool  to search the nearest branches and ATMs across Canada, where you can use your Debit Card without paying additional surcharges.
  • When using your card for a POS** purchase, at many larger stores they offer a cash back option. Taking advantage of this will save you additional service fees and a trip to the ATM.
  • If you find yourself constantly using your card for POS purchases and ATM transactions you may also be interested in looking into our virtual chequing account ucublu too to help minimize your fees. UCU does not charge any service fees for using a ucublu too card for POS purchases, at UCU ATMs and at ATMs on THE EXCHANGE Network. Third party fees may still apply.

*THE EXCHANGE® Network gives you convenient access to your accounts at over 2,400 full-service ATMs across Canada, without paying additional surcharges.

** POS (Point of Sale), commonly known as an in-store debit transaction.

What is THE EXCHANGE® Network

THE EXCHANGE Network gives you convenient access to your accounts at over 2,300 full-service ATMs across Canada, without paying additional surcharges.


The banks and credit unions on THE EXCHANGE® Network have agreed to never charge each other’s cardholders surcharge fees. You will never pay any additional fees to access your own money even if you use another Financial Institution’s Exchange® ATM. Yes, you still have to pay your normal account fees but that’s it, nothing extra. This truly means that if you are a bank customer you can use the credit union ATMs and Credit Union members, you can use the bank ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® network without incurring any surcharges. Just look for THE EXCHANGE® logo at or near the ATM to avoid surcharges.